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The hunt for efficient weight loss methods has intensified now more than ever. But, following the right regimen is not easy. Although making and maintaining new habits that support your health or weight loss objectives without sacrificing your favourite food can be quite a task, there are ways where you can enjoy your favourite food without worrying about the number of calories you’ll gain.

Here is a list of some mouth-watering food items that will make your job easier.

A pizza can somewhat be healthy if you cook it the right way. Use a whole grain tortilla or flatbread as an alternative in place of a dense crust. Add tomato sauce and sprinkle cheese on top of the pizza after adding lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and other toppings. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can add egg pieces and chicken too. By doing this you will not only quench your cravings for the delicious snack but also ensure that you do not feel guilty while eating it.

To ensure that your burger is healthy, keep in mind to use multigrain buns. Use olive oil to shallow fry mashed boiled potatoes. You can add heaps of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cottage cheese, egg or chicken. To enhance the taste, you may also use a teaspoon of mayonnaise spread or add a half-slice of cheese. Not only will this burger be moderate in calories but will also possess high nutritional value.

Pasta with white sauce and mixed sauces should be avoided because they contain only cream. However, there are other ways to make your pasta yummy and nutritious. Add a tonne of vegetables to the spaghetti with pesto or red sauce. Also, stick to wheat pasta rather than spaghetti made with refined flour.

Time to stop craving and start enjoying your favourite junk food.