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When flying, many of us pick the best possible seat ahead of time to make sure our flight is comfortable – but would you swap seats so a family could sit together?

If someone has paid extra for their seat on a plane, it’s unlikely they will be willing to swap for a ‘lesser option’.

But in some cases, passengers can feel ‘entitled’ to get the seat they want, especially to sit closer to family members.

One flyer recently shared a situation they faced when asked by a mum to swap seats so she could sit beside her child.

Responding to a Reddit thread about people being ‘irritating’ when they ask to swap, the anonymous person claimed it was an “inferior” trade, so they denied the request and remained in their seat.

The mum was unhappy with the decision, but users were split in the comments section.

Some claimed families need to plan ahead to get their preferred seating arrangement, and that it’s not up to solo passengers to accommodate them.

While others were shocked that the passenger didn’t swap seats to allow the mother to sit next to her child.